The Liikuntakeskus FUN gym chain

The Liikuntakeskus FUN gym chain is a Finnish company emphasising the experience, a digital focus, and of course, fun.

Liikuntakeskus FUN provides its members with a modern, easy-to-use and pleasant environment in which to exercise, and where exercising is fun. FUN is a Finnish-owned and franchiser-run gym chain offering fun exercise experiences for members of all ages.

FUN operates in an agile manner, adapting to the needs of the areas, with the franchiser determining the service provision based on the location and competition! Automated customer systems, digital marketing, and new exercise innovations make us here at FUN gym pioneers, setting us apart from the crowd in the world of fitness.


Do you already have a gym elsewhere, or are you thinking of becoming a gym franchiser? Would you like to bring your dream to life as part of the FUN family become a member of our innovative team? We’re looking for fresh new franchisers to join us – together we are stronger!

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Where did it all start? Find out more about the Liikuntakeskus FUN gyms’ beginnings!

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