Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions for memberships.

1. Membership
The membership contract is always completed in the online shop between Liikuntakeskus FUN and the member. The member accepts and commits to adhering to the terms and conditions set out in this contract when signing up for membership in the online shop. Members of Liikuntakeskus FUN must all have accepted the membership contract in the online shop and be at least 13 years old. Members under the age of 18 may exercise at the responsibility of a guardian who has signed the Liikuntakeskus FUN contract, and they may only start using the gym with the approval of the guardian. The member is aware that Liikuntakeskus FUN operates partially without staff on site.
Liikuntakeskus FUN retains the right to transfer this contract to a third party without the consent of the member.

2. Member ID, data processing and changes to contact details
The member may access Liikuntakeskus FUN with their member ID or personal mobile phone. If the member chooses to access the gym using their member ID, they must ensure it is kept with them whilst they are on the Liikuntakeskus FUN premises, and it must be presented to a member of Liikuntakeskus FUN’s staff if requested. If a member ID is lost, this must be reported immediately to a member of staff, and the member shall be responsible for any costs arising from the misuse of a member ID due to the member’s own carelessness. If they lose their member ID, the member must purchase a new ID to replace the lost one for the fee stated in the price list. Defective IDs will be replaced free of charge.
Member IDs may not be used by another person. In order to use a member ID, the customer’s identity must be verified and a photo ID card provided.
The member must inform staff without delay of any changes to their contact details. Liikuntakeskus FUN stores customer data in its own databases and processes the personal data in accordance with the EU’s GDPR and other legislation concerning data protection (Finnish Data Protection Act 1050/2018). Further information on the processing of your personal data is available here.

3. Joining fee
At the start of the membership contract, a joining fee in accordance with the price list shall be paid.
The joining fee will not be refunded if the membership contract is terminated.

4. Monthly fee
In addition to the joining fee, the member must pay a monthly fee as mentioned in the membership contract, which will be charged in the manner agreed upon in the contract. The monthly fee shall provide the member with the right to use Liikuntakeskus FUN for the period of one (1) month.

5. Services provided
The member is entitled to use the services offered by Liikuntakeskus FUN for the membership period, in accordance with the terms and conditions set out in this contract.

6. Membership validity period
The membership shall be valid for the contractual period indicated in the contract. Membership is personal. The membership contract shall be valid either until further notice or for a fixed term. Membership will be automatically continued provided membership payments are still made and the contract has not been terminated in writing. If necessary, membership may be paused for health-related reasons by notifying Liikuntakeskus FUN’s customer services by email or in writing of your request. A certificate provided by a doctor or other healthcare professional stating the reason for and length of the pause must be appended to the notification. A pause here refers to a temporary interruption to membership, however this may be no shorter than one (1) month and no longer than twelve (12) months in length.

7. Termination of membership
Liikuntakeskus FUN members have a 30-day notice period for termination of the membership contract. If another monthly fee is due during the notice period, this must be paid, and the member shall be entitled to exercise at the gym until the end of the period paid for. If, when terminating the contract, the member has made advance payments using exercise vouchers or equivalent payment means provided by a company, these will not be refunded or compensated for in any other way. When the member’s right to access the gym ends, they must return their member ID to the gym’s customer services. A fee of EUR 10 will be charged for non-return or member IDs (+ EUR 5 invoicing fee).

8. Payment terms
The customer may pay their joining fee and first monthly payment online or at one of the gyms. At a gym, the sum may be paid using a credit or debit card, or with exercise vouchers. The customer will be sent invoices for the following months’ fees in accordance with the contract, either by email or as e-invoices, once a month. For the purposes of invoicing, the member must have either an email address or an e-invoicing agreement in their online banking facility. The member shall be responsible for signing an e-invoicing agreement with their online banking provider.
If the e-invoice cannot be charged directly to the member’s account, or the member does not pay an invoice sent to their email address, the member will be sent a reminder invoice, with administration costs and an invoicing fee added to the fee.

9. Pricing changes
Members will be notified of any changes to pricing at the minimum 60 days before the pricing changes are to come into force. Liikuntakeskus FUN may increase or decrease the price of membership. Liikuntakeskus FUN will provide notification of any such changes on the information board in the gym and by email. Changes to pre-paid, fixed-term membership contract prices may not be made retrospectively during the contractual period. When the term of a pre-paid membership contract ends, the member may pay for a new membership contract at the amount in accordance with the price list valid at the time.
Liikuntakeskus FUN is obligated to inform members of any changes to prices caused by changes to VAT or other actions taken by the authorities at least one month prior to the change being implemented in the prices the member is charged. Any changes to VAT will come into force immediately on the date the change to the tax comes into force for monthly payment contracts.

10. Responsibility for payments
If the fee agreed for the use of the services is not paid as required by the payment terms, the member’s right to use Liikuntakeskus FUN’s services shall be suspended until the payment is made. A second person or company may take on responsibility for fees associated with the membership contract or part of the fees. The party who has taken on the payment obligation may, at any point and without a notice period or reason, stop paying the fees. In such circumstances, the adult member shall always be personally responsible for payment of all the fees in accordance with the contract. Liikuntakeskus FUN has the right to charge penalty interest, as well as reminder fees and administrative costs for late payments in accordance with the price list.

11. Changes to operations and contractual terms and conditions
Liikuntakeskus FUN retains the right to close the gym, change gym and customer services opening hours, and implement seasonal changes for holiday periods, national holidays, etc. Liikuntakeskus FUN will provide notification of any such changes on the information board in the gym and by email. Liikuntakeskus FUN also retains the right to make changes to or restrict the number of devices and products available. Liikuntakeskus FUN retains the right to make changes to these contractual terms and conditions, provided they do not lead to changes to the key content of the contract.

12. Rules
• Proof of identity must be provided on request.
• Liikuntakeskus FUN members are expected to be tidy and adhere to good practices. Please also make sure to maintain a good level of personal hygiene.
• Smoking, consumption of your own alcohol products, and the use of drugs or other intoxicants is not permitted within Liikuntakeskus FUN premises.
• If a member deliberately damages Liikuntakeskus FUN’s equipment, property or movable items, they shall be obliged to provide full compensation for the damage.
• Always use a sports towel when exercising on gym equipment, as well as on top of the mats during group exercise classes.
• Wipe down equipment after use. Our gyms have lots of users, and this helps us to ensure that the equipment is kept clean.
• Always wear appropriate clothing and indoor shoes. Exercising in the facilities in just socks or barefooted is prohibited, with the exception of during certain classes.
• Return any exercise equipment you have used to its original location.
• Only use drinks bottles with lids.
• Give all guests a chance to use the gym equipment. Vacate equipment so that others can use it whilst you are taking a break.
• For safety reasons, those under the age of 13 may not exercise in Liikuntakeskus FUN’s premises, with the exception of during activities aimed at children or young people, or in an area set aside for them.
• Taking photographs or videos of anyone but yourself at Liikuntakeskus FUN is expressly forbidden. This also applies to camera phones.
• Swimwear, etc. may not be worn in the sauna and washing facilities. Use of a towel for privacy reasons is permitted.
• Changing room lockers are only intended for daytime use. Clothes and other items may not be left in them overnight. Any items left in the lockers overnight will be taken to the lost property office.
• Cancellation rules shall apply to all bookings. If a booking is missed and not cancelled by one hour before it is due to start, and bookings are missed without prior cancellation repeatedly, the member may lose the right to make bookings for a fixed period or permanently.
If the session missed without prior cancellation is an instructed service, such as guidance or a massage, Liikuntakeskus FUN will charge the member in question the price stated in the price list for the unused booking.
• You are responsible for your own safety. Please follow instructions given. Liikuntakeskus FUN shall not be responsible for the member’s possessions, instances of falling ill, injuries sustained, or accidents that may occur in Liikuntakeskus FUN’s premises or the surrounding area.
• If the member does not adhere to the rules and instructions or otherwise acts in a manner contrary to good practice in relation to other members or our staff, their membership may be temporarily frozen or terminated entirely. In such instances, Liikuntakeskus FUN will not return any pre-paid fees.
• Liikuntakeskus FUN shall not be responsible for any losses due to theft, breakage, or other similar reasons. Liikuntakeskus FUN shall not be responsible for damage to the property of members or other visitors, or for personal injury to members resulting from accidents or the actions of other members. Each member shall be personally responsible for ensuring that they are in sufficiently good health to be able to partake in the services provided by Liikuntakeskus FUN.
• The member is aware that Liikuntakeskus FUN’s premises are monitored by recording camera surveillance.
• If a member brings non-members into Liikuntakeskus FUN without permission, the member shall commit to paying a fine of EUR 300 for this. The member will receive a paper invoice for this.
• Liikuntakeskus FUN’s service operations include individual and small-group training services and parallel guidance services. Liikuntakeskus FUN’s members are not entitled to provide services such as those mentioned above to other Liikuntakeskus FUN members without the written consent of the gym. If a member of Liikuntakeskus FUN violates these rules, they shall commit to paying Liikuntakeskus FUN EUR 300 as a penalty payment.

13. Applicable legislation and disputes
This contract shall be governed by Finnish law. Any disputes arising from this contract, that cannot be resolved through negotiations between the parties, shall be heard in the court of the customer’s place of domicile. Furthermore, the customer shall always be entitled to bring a civil action regarding consumer goods and services free of charge, to be heard by the Finnish Consumer Disputes Board.
The board is a neutral and independent conflict resolution body outside of the court system. A complaint can be filed with the Board free of charge for the customer.

We look forward to having you as a Liikuntakeskus FUN customer!

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